Internship/Co-op Credits

You may receive credit for internships in the following ways:

  • Summer Waiver
  • MAE Technical Elective course credit

You may choose to do both the summer waiver AND one of the credit options, if you complete your internship over the summer.

Summer Waiver

This waiver can only be submitted for internships completed over the summer term.

  • You may petition to waive the 9 hour summer credit requirement after the completion of one summer internship.
  • Find the Summer Attendance Waiver on our forms page and read it carefully before submitting.

MAE Technical Elective credit

Students may be registered for these courses during any term: fall, spring, or summer. Because these are courses you are receiving credit for, you must be registered prior to the start of the term. These are the options for receiving course credit for internships (towards Technical Electives ONLY-these will NOT count as Specialization Electives) in MAE:

  • OPTION 1: 3 credit online internship class, EML4930, in which students complete weekly assignments, participate in discussions, and receive a letter grade. This course may only be taken once. Email during registration if you wish to be enrolled in this course.
  • OPTION 2: 1 credit course, EML4945, that requires a supervisor evaluation and student work report toward the end of the semester. There are no weekly assignments and the final grade will be S/U. This course may be taken up to 3 times to achieve a total of 3 credits toward Technical Electives. Carefully read and complete the Internship Registration Request form on our forms page, then email it to during registration if you wish to be enrolled in this course.
  • OPTION 3: If you have accepted a co-op with a company, meaning you have a 2 year commitment to work one semester, take classes the next, work again, then take classes again, email and ask about the co-op credit option.

If you have any questions about internship credit, email from your Gatorlink email account and include your UFID.