Internship/Co-op Credits

MAE Technical Elective credit

Students may register in one of the following courses below during any term: fall, spring, or summer to gain credit hours toward technical electives. Because these are courses you are receiving credit for, you must register prior to the start of the term. We cannot retroactively give credit after the fact. Students can enroll in internship/co-op credits a total of three times (with the exception of EML4930) to achieve a total of 3 credits toward Technical Electives (3 separate semesters = 3 credit hours). Please note, these are options towards technical electives only; these will not count as Specialization Electives.

  • OPTION 1: EML4930 is a 3 credit hour online internship class in which students complete weekly assignments, participate in discussions, and receive a letter grade. This course may only be taken once. Email during registration if you wish to be enrolled in this course.

  • OPTION 2: EML4945 is a 1 credit hour course that requires a supervisor evaluation and student work report toward the end of the semester. There are no weekly assignments and the final grade will be S/U. Carefully read and complete the Internship Registration Request form on our forms page, then email it to during registration if you wish to be enrolled in this course.

  • OPTION 3: EAS/EML4949 is a 1 credit hour co-op course, and the final grade will be S/U. If you have accepted a co-op with a company, meaning you have a multi-semester commitment with them (work one semester, take classes the next, work again, etc.), please email during registration and ask about the co-op registration packet. Student’s co-op packet will also be on file with the Career Connections Center.

Speaking of the Career Connection Center (C3), we encourage you to explore what all the C3 has to offer as they have many resources for students looking for internships, career advice, and much more. Please also visit the Career Services – Engineering page for more resources.

If you have any questions about internship credit, email from your Gatorlink email account and include your UFID.

Summer requirement waiver petitions

The summer hours requirement may be waived for students who complete an internship, research or study abroad program in the summer term. The requirement may also be waived for military service, documented financial hardship, or other extenuating circumstances. This is a short-form petition. It does require documentation and your major department’s support.

Do not submit the petition until you have completed your internship, research or study abroad.

The Summer Waiver petition form can be found on our forms page and can be sent to for the interviewing officer portion.