Dream Team Engineering


Executive Director – Alessandro Leggio
Email: dreamteameng.at.uf@gmail.com

Vice President – Rohan Gupta
Email: dreamteameng.vp.uf@gmail.com

Director of Finance – Sydney Yu
Email: dreamteameng.finance.uf@gmail.com

Project Manager – Pablo Luna
Email: dreamteampm.at.uf@gmail.com

Director of DreamTeamU – Andrew Sowinski
Email: dreamteamudev@gmail.com

Director of Membership – Cailey Porter
Email: dreamteameng.membership@gmail.com

Director of Internal Events – Skylar McCain
Email: dreamteameng.internalevents@gmail.com

Director of Public Relations – Aeja Pinto
Email: dreamteameng.pr@gmail.com

Director of Recruitment – Neeva Sethi
Email: dreamteameng.recruitment@gmail.com

Director of Research – Kendall Moran
Email: dreamteameng.research.uf@gmail.com

Director of Shadowing – Leyda Marrero
Email: dreamteameng.shadowing@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Paulette C. Hahn
Email: Paulette.Hahn@medicine.ufl.edu


Dream Team Engineering is a student-run, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to brightening the lives of pediatric patients in UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital through novel technologies, education, and research. Through our interdisciplinary approach to creating new technologies, we aim to adopt the expertise of healthcare professionals and engineers in order to create safe, effective tools to enhance the patient experience.

Dream Team Engineering (DTE) was founded in Fall 2018, stemming from its sister organization, Dream Team. Dream Team is a volunteering organization that enhances the lives of patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit in Shands Children’s Hospital. Through a dedicated mission and a talented membership, Dream Team Engineering has expanded to over 60 students ranging across five different teams. At DTE, we strive to use the engineering principles we learn in the classroom to have a first-hand impact on the health, happiness, and education of children at the hospital.


Currently, we are exploring potential industry collaborations, expanding research, and looking to incorporate more freshmen and sophomores into our organization. Furthermore, we are committed to developing a more enriching experience for our members through the expansion of our professional development workshops and social events.

Throughout the year, we have various unique events. Philanthropically, we hold a variety of fundraisers culminating in our joint annual 5K with Dream Team Volunteering, which is aimed at funding our projects which directly impact the hospital. Additionally, we hold events centered on our membership such as bonding days, new member retreats, and professional development workshops. Through all of this, we believe that we become not just an engineering organization, but a family.

Any UF student is encouraged to apply to Dream Team Engineering! We have application cycles at the beginning of every Fall and Spring term, which is announced on our website and our social media platforms. We have a very diverse membership and look for individuals with a passion for helping others and experience that will advance our projects.