Is the GRE required for Admissions?

  • No, the GRE is currently optional.

Do you accept the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam?

  • No, we do not consider the FE for admissions purposes.

What is the cost of attendance?

  • PhD students at MAE are fully funded, which includes a stipend, tuition, and GatorGradCare Health Insurance.
  • Fully funded PhD students are responsible for some student fees that are not included in the tuition. Approximate remaining annual fees are ~$1,967 ($81.96 per credit hour). These figures are based on the 2018-2019 fee schedule and are subject to change.
  • Current tuition and fee rates can be found here.

How are admission and funding decisions made?

  • The MAE Graduate Admission Committee, in conjunction with MAE faculty, review applications considering all provided details. The most successful applicants are those whom have strong research backgrounds, clearly articulate their research interests, and will seamlessly integrate into one of our research labs.

How many faculty should I contact regarding funding?

  • As many as possible. We typically recommend contacting any faculty with whom your research interests and experience are mutually compatible. Check the Available PhD Research Positions page for current open positions. Do not send mass emails or template emails, a smaller number of targeted, quality correspondences are better.
  • The following email example is likely to receive a positive response: “I read your paper on 3D Bioprinting; I found the additive manufacturing process fascinating! I have some experience with additive manufacturing in Dr. Person’s lab at the University of College, do you have some time to meet with me regarding research opportunities in your lab?”

I’m interested in working with Dr. Person, but I don’t see her listed on the Available PhD Research Positions page. What should I do?

  • Do not limit yourself to the current open positions. While those positions are the current areas of need, there are other options. Take a look at the Faculty Research Matrix for a comprehensive list of faculty and their areas of specialization.

What if I cannot attend Spring Visit?

  • Applicants who are invited to Spring Visit should attend if at all possible. If you are unable to attend Spring Visit, an alternate visit may be made available to you.
  • Note that Spring Visit is your best opportunity to secure a graduate assistantship position, so it is recommended that you attend if invited.
  • Graduate School Pre-eminence Award (GSPA) fellowship awardees must attend Spring Visit to remain eligible.

Is financial aid available for this program?